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Happy New Year!  Today is the first day of 2016.  Every year I set 3 new goals for me to accomplish by the end of the year.  Most of them are educational but a few are just for fun.

I had already chosen my 3 goals for 2016 by December 15, 2015.  One of them was a stretch and a BIG commitment.  I had decided that I wanted to learn Hebrew so I could read the Hebrew text of the Bible.  I had been researching taking Hebrew on line earlier in 2015 but had tried learning a foreign language once before (Rosetta Stone) and found it hard to really get the punctuation down right without a physical instructor.  Oddly enough, once I decided I needed to find a classroom environment to attend for my training, one of the volunteers where I work shared with me in a conversation one day that her husband taught free Hebrew classes.  Wow was that God or what.  So my first goal was confirmed and set.

The second goal I set for 2016 was to learn Calligraphy.  No special reason, Just because I think it is cool.  I believe it will be fun and something I can use here and there.

The 3rd goal was both educational and fun.  My wonderful daughter gave mea  high dollar camera with lots of bells, whistles and lens, just because she loves me and knows I have wanted one.  I love to take pictures.  When she was born, being my first child, I took a picture of her every day for almost a year.  I was less than the professional but I think photo’s are a window into and reminder of our past.  I enjoy taking photo’s and class would help me learn how to take even better photo’s thus capturing greater memories.

With all three goals set I was ready for 2016 to be rung in.  On December 30th I was browsing Face Book post and two things really got my attention.  One was a post from a women’s book club I follow.  It gave of 100 books you should read before you die.  The number 100 stuck with me, even though I did not read the list.  The second post was from another book lover titled “7 simple ways to read more this year.”  This article caught my attention because the number 100 had stuck with me and now how to read more stuck with me.  I put the two together and decided to add a fourth goal, to read 100 books in a year.

My first reaction was to do the math to see what that would be per week.  It came to just 2 books per week.  Initially, I began to make excuses about how I did not have time to read that much.  It started to hit me that I spend a lot of time reading online, playing games on my Ipad, watching TV and doing a lot of work on websites and Face Book for my job and church.  Not to mention time spent just reading post by friends and family on Face Book  With those facts sinking in I decided to add a 4th goal for 2016.  To read 100 books in 12 months.

Well, I posted it on my Face Book timeline and ask others to join me.  So far almost 24 hours after my posting challenge I have one person signed up to take on the challenge.  With or without anyone I have decided that I WILL READ 100 books in 12 months.  I also decided to blog about the books I am reading, how it is impacting my life and the challenges that will come with it.  I hope you will decide to join me on this journey.  I know the other 3 goals I have chosen will stay on my list with the same level of dedication.  Hey, maybe I can read books surrounding those other goals.  LOL  Either way….Here is to a great year of reading, learning and challenging my brain, my body and my habits.  Happy Reading My Friends.

JoAnne – Book Boss Leader


One thought on “Read 100 Books In A Year

  1. Learning caligraphy is a dream of mine.. let me know if you find a class.. i know a homeschool mom who would possibly do a few classes for us, if there’s more interest..

    I posted my own reading goal for the year on your fb page..

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