Be All That You Can Be


1 Peter 2:9 (GW) However, you are chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, people who belong to God. You were chosen to tell about the excellent qualities of God, who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

I want to focus on a couple of key words in this scripture. The definition of chosen from Merriam Webster
1 : elect 2 : selected or marked for favor or special privilege

God has chosen you. Stop and think about that for a moment. I think I love the second definition the most, marked for favor or special privilege.

Do you remember as a kid, waiting and hoping to be picked out of a line up by one of the team captains for kickball or another sport? You were hoping and praying with each pick that your name would be the next to be called. Do you remember how happy you were when your name was called.
You jumped with joy that you had been chosen, and it was even better if the winning team captain called your name. Well you have been chosen by the best and winning team captain ever, God. He saw your worth on His team. He knew you would add value to His team. He wanted you on His team. Now, let that soak in for a moment.

The second word to focus on is priesthood. The definition of priesthood is the office, dignity, or character of a priest Wow. God has chosen you to be His priest. How many of you feel so under qualified to be a priest? How many of feel there is no way you can fulfill this position, there must be a mistake? Well there is no mistake. God chose you. Yes you.

Most of us when we think of the word priest our mind will either go to our pastor of today, a priest like the pope or it may even go back to the description of the priest in old testament times. Looking at any of those and comparing yourself, again, you may think not me, I am not qualified.

God is the winning team. He only chooses winners. That means He not only thinks you can do it but HE KNOWS you can. The last part of the scripture tells us what God has chosen us to do on His team; “You were chosen to tell about the excellent qualities of God, who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.”

Each of us has a responsibility to do our part for the rest of the team. For the team to be a team each member must show up, train, do their part, be a team member, not an individual and listen to the instructions of the coach.

Here are a few ways for you to prepare for the priesthood that God has called you to: the first step is say I accept that God have chosen me, begin to take steps to train, study scripture (don’t just read it to read it, read it to understand it) join in community with other believers (Go to church. Take every opportunity to be with other believers. Not because you are suppose to, but to learn from other believers and encourage each other), meet with your pastor as a couple or individual and ask Him to pray for you to gain knowledge, strength and to remove sin from your life that may be holding you back, pray often, engage in ministry by serving at your church, and tithe like you never have before (Jesus told a man once that if he wanted to follow Him to sell all his possessions and the bible says the man went away sad)

Don’t sit back and say you can’t do it. You are on the team whether you want to be or not. The question is what kind of team player are you. God believes in you and so do I. God has chosen you to be His priest. Today is the day to fully commit. Today is the day to say yes to The Lord. Today is the day to prepare for your priesthood. The world needs to hear the good news and someone in this world needs to hear it from you. Today is the day to sign up with God for bootcamp and to go all in. As the old military recruitment slogan says “Be All That You Can Be” however, I would change the last part of the song to say in the Christian Army!

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