Under Attack

Ephesians 6:10–12
While spending a few days at my daughters house to help out after she had surgery my grand daughter ask to sleep with me in the guest room. Of course I quickly agreed. I still find it exciting when any of the g-kids want to hang out with me.
As we walked towards the bedroom my daughter warned me not to let Carlee’s cat sleep with us. “But Charlie sleeps with me every night mom and he will be lonely” Carlee whined. Being the good grandmother, I said it was ok for him to sleep with us, which made my grand daughter very happy. I heard my daughter muttering under her breath, “Well you won’t get any sleep with that cat in the room.”
Carlee and I snuggled in the bed for the night, the cat between us. The sound of contentment in Charlie’s purr warmed my heart. Soon I was lulled to sleep by the sound and vibrations of his purrs. In what seemed like minutes of going to sleep, I was awakened by a strange sound and weird sensation close to my face. Charlie had gone from sleeping and purring to jumping from the bed to the nightstand scattering all the things sitting on it to the floor, then back to the bed. Charlie was frightened by the loud banging so he attempted to get back to the safety of the bed however, he did not quite make it. His claws were digging into the sheets and mattress as he was quickly falling to the floor. I could hear the claws scratching in a furry to hold on. His dissent was quick but began ever so close to my face.
Once I was awake and aware of what had happened, my daughters words came back to me. “You won’t get any sleep with that cat in the room”. I tried to catch him to get him out of the bedroom but to no avail. He seemed to settle down under the bed so I decided to try to go back to bed get some sleep. I moved my items from the nightstand in case he tried that trick again. I fell asleep quickly and my dream picked up where it had left off.
“Bang”, “crash”, “meow” was what woke me the second time. Charlie had jumped on the dresser, where I had relocated my items, and once again everything was on the floor. I was determined to catch the cat this time and remove him or I my daughters statement was going to come true “You will not get any sleep with that cat in your room.” Of course he knew I was going to remove him so he quickly hid. I moved my items to a much higher place, confident that he could not get to them and headed back to bed.
The next time I woke up was on my own. YES! SUCCESS! I began to fumble my way through what seemed like a maze, in the darkened strange bedroom to go to the bathroom. Out of no where paws began to swat at each foot as soon as it hit the floor. This barrage of attacks continued until I cleared the bed, almost falling multiple times.
I finally made my way to the bathroom while plotting how I was going to get that cat out of the bedroom. I saw movement in the dark and in walked Charlie acting like he was my best friend. I kept a watchful eye on him as I made a sprint to the bedroom to shut and lock the door. I swear that cat was screeching at me because he knew I had won. He continued to meow in an angry way for about an hour before it subsided.
As I recounted my night with the devil cat, I thought of the real devil. Do you ever feel like he is trying to rattle you, catch you unaware? Maybe you feel like he is attaching you at every turn and you don’t know how to get away from him. Do you feel like you too are stumbling in the dark not able to see a way out of the attacks? I know I have been there too, not even that long ago so I know how you feel.
Christ tells us that in this world we will have troubles. Our God loves us so much that he won’t let us go through these troubled times alone. First of all He is always with us and helping us fight these battles. That means we can call on Him and ask Him to help us. The second thing to keep in mind is that He has given us the armor needed to fight these battles successfully. If you read the scripture for today, He tells us how to win the battle and to be prepared before we the leave the house or begin our day. If you wait until the battle begins and you try to put the armor on, you are already under attack. It will still work but you will suffer some damage for sure.
I want to encourage you to get your armor on each day. Before you leave the house be ready. The devil is prowling around like a lion watching to see who comes out vulnerable and he is ready to attack those who are. Charlie really is not a devil cat, he is was doing what cats do. The devil is real and he too, is doing what the devil does. Part of winning is knowing your enemy and being ready to fight him. Let’s go win the battle today.

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