Revelation 3:20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

Our world is so full of noise.  Noise of cars going by, noise of the television or radio, noise of dogs barking, kids talking and for some chickens clucking.  I grew up in the country where we did not lock our doors when we left home and we slept with our windows open at night.


After getting married, my husband and I decided to live in the country close to my parents.  The first night in our new home, we settled into bed, with the windows open of course, and my husband and I had the first of many, differences of opinions.  You see my husband is a light sleeper and I am a heavy sleeper.  A bomb could not wake me up.  The sound of the barking dogs and the crickets chirping were maddening to him, yet lulled me to sleep.

I think as Christians, we have filled our days and nights with so much noise that we may be missing Jesus knocking at our door.  Now I know this scripture is really talking about knocking at the door of our heart for salvation but it made me stop and think about how how, maybe, God knocks on our door a lot after we are saved, to come sit and visit with us.

You see growing up in the country, there was always someone knocking on our door.  The neighborhood kids were at our house knocking on the door to ask us to come outside and play.  The neighbors were knocking on the door asking for help or to borrow sugar, eggs or butter.  Our family was knocking on the door because they had time to stop in and visit.  We did not have inside pets and our television was only on at night when we gathered to watch it as a family.  We always heard the knock on the door.

God loves you.  I am confident that he wants to talk to you more than just on Sunday mornings when you are in church.  I encourage you to be still and know that He is God.  Turn off some of the noise in your life and just be quiet.  Shhhhhh.  If you do you may hear the still voice of God.  Listen to Him.  He is the wisest, kindest, most forgiving friend you will ever have.



One thought on “Shhhhh

  1. We have a house where parents and kids are always knocking to come in, sometimes they are just in, and I find them a little while later, amongst my own! I like this picture of God as one of the ones at the door, because I’ve always got time for the ones at the door. Much more time for those than the ones, who need me to cook for them or go to elaborate lengths to entertain them. The ones I need to drive to, or the ones who e-mail, even the ones who call, get less of my undivided attention. But the ones on the doorstep get my full attention. I always drop everything for them. Thank you for reminding me that God is one of those. I sometimes get him mixed up with the ones who need the 18 course degustation menu. Lots of love today, L

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