Wash Cloth, Loofah, Sponge or Just Your Hands?




Today’s Truth: Psalm 51:2 Wash me thoroughly from my guilt, and cleanse me from my sin. (GW)

From My Heart To Yours:

Have you ever really thought about the process to clean yourself? Every day,I hope, we take a bath or shower to clean ourselves from the days activities, rid ourselves of dead skin and to feel refreshed. There is something special about the way you feel from head to toe after a good shower. When we shower we don’t think about the cleaning process, it just comes naturally. For some of us the debate becomes what we clean ourselves with, wash cloth, loofa, sponge or just our soapy hands.

Each day we need to go through the same cleaning process of ridding ourselves of the daily sins we commit.  Jesus doesn’t care which method we prefer for the cleansing,  He just wants us to be cleansed. Listed below are 9 steps for how to clean yourself but put into a spiritual perspective:

1. Undress – Here is where you have to get naked. You have to become fully exposed for God to see ALL the sins you have committed for the day. Fold your dirty clothes and place them in the designated place and have your clean clothes in an area where you have easy access when you finish.  Also make sure to take anything out of your pockets (hidden sins).

2. Turn on the water to your preferred temperature. Begin the praying.  Check the position of the your head, to be sure that it is turned upwards towards the  Lord.  Decide how hot you want it to be.  Are you ready for one of those skin tingling HOT cleansing? Once you are sure that the temperature is perfect, start the praying.

3. Wet your entire body. Be sure that your entire head is completely wet and every inch of your body is covered in prayer. This is important for basic cleaning of your body

4.  Massage in small amount of shampoo and conditioner, The Word of God, and thoroughly rinse. Gently message each part of your mind, making sure all the areas are covered. If you have a dry or tangled mind, use God’s conditioner, His Word, to moisturize and get major knots out of your mind.  Make sure that there is none left so your mind won’t have soap in it when it is dry.

5.  Wet your washcloth, sponge, loofah or just your hands well and apply your soap. Gently clean your face. Rinse the washcloth and your face thoroughly.  Now, clean your entire body. Start at the top of your body and work you way down.  Remember to wash behind the ears, back of the neck, and in between each toe. Make to get each arm pit, and your private areas.

6.  Turn off the water and exit the shower. Dry yourself off, but God isn’t through with us just yet. Hang on for number 8.

7.  Now is a good time to put on moisturizer, deodorant, body powder, or anything else you may need to put on that can’t be put on when clothes cover your body. This is where God helps us to start to feel better and smell better.

8.  Put your clean clothes on. Have you ever heard the TV show called what not to wear.  Not a problem for the Christian as we dress in our military best, the Full Armor of God.

9.  Gather all your belongings and leave the shower.  Dirty clothes in hand, we exit the shower, clean, smelling good, dressed in our best and ready to go into the dirty world again knowing that another cleansing will be available to us tomorrow.

Ya know, I can’t wait for my shower tonight, the spiritual one as well as the regular one.  How about you??

Let’s Pray: 

Dear Lord, we know that we stain our clothes and dirty our bodies with sin every day.  Sometimes, we get a little dirtier than normal and it appears that we have ruined our clothes from the deep stains we accumulated that day, but Lord we know you are best stain remover around.  Thank you for loving us enough to wash us each and every day.  Help us to strip, fully naked before you and step into the holy shower for your washing of our sins that we may be white as snow again.  In Jesus Name. AMEN.