Desires Of Your Heart

Maybe you have stopped asking God for things because you feel He no longer listens or answers your prayers. Maybe you are mad at God. Maybe you are hurt or disappointed. Maybe you have quit dreaming, setting goals. Just maybe you are DONE with looking ahead.
Don’t give up and if you already have then commit to give it another try. I am praying this prayer just for you!! YOU CAN DO IT!!
Psalm 20:4.DTR 1-2-19


Matthew 6:1 Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
I would love to say that I have not posted lately simply because I have been too busy, but that would only be half truth.  True bloggers could call me out really quickly because a true blogger is never too busy to write.  If you are a Christian blogger you know that you can not wait to write what the Holy Spirit moves you to put into words.  Even the most mature Christian has times that they choose not do what we know we should do.   One of the reasons I have not written lately is because I made sure that I was too busy to write.  Ok, stay with me for a minute.  I am passionate about writing but caused myself to be too busy to write because of disappointment.
Websters Dictionary describes disappointment as the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. Disappointment is something we all experience and certainly can not avoid in our life time. It also comes in all shapes and sizes, not a one size fits all. It can be a passing emotion over a temporary loss, or it may strike powerfully when something permanently changes our lives.
There were many strong men of God who experienced disappointment and acted on their disappointment too.  Maybe not in the exact way that I did.  By looking at these great men I realized a couple of things: 1) Being disappointed is a natural emotion.  2) It does not mean you are weak or a failure if you find yourself disappointed and 3) Usually we are are disappointed in people or circumstances because we believe they caused us to miss out on our hopes or expectations.
Disappointment is the first seed of doubt that intrudes on our faith. Disappointment sounds so harmless, but it’s the tip of a wedge that will stop our spiritual growth and make us bitter and defeated. You prayed about it, meditated on scriptures, sought Godly counsel, and things still didn’t work out for you. You wonder what happened to “ask and you shall receive.” Think of disappointment as a test permitted by God to see if you’ll continue trusting Him, obeying Him, and believing that He is good. That brings us back to those two sources of most disappointment: people and circumstances.
When we place our expectations on people, we are usually disappointed. God made us with a vacant space in our innermost being that only He can fill. So He will always let us experience disappointment with people so that we are driven to find fulfillment in Him.
If our joy depends on circumstances, we are in trouble, because circumstances are always changing. There are too many variables for them to remain the same.
The next time you experience disappointment ,and you will, here are three healthy ways to deal with it.  1) Mourn then release it to God. t might take time, but you must make a decision to move past the disappointment. Don’t run from it—face it and release it. 2) Evaluate and adjust your expectations. It’s natural and normal to want things and to want to excel, but issues arise when we begin to believe our happiness is based on achieving that goal or being with that person. 3) Move it, Move it, Move it.  Disappointment can be a time of renewed resourcefulness. Try something else, go in a different direction or maybe approach things a new way. If one dream dies, pick up another one and keep moving forward in life.
When you have nothing left but God, you realize He is enough. Your questions will not all be answered. Your circumstances may not be improved. The person you set your heart on may not live up to your expectations, but God is the strength of your heart and your portion forever.  If you are in a season of disappointment, I am praying for you today.  Just know that you are not alone and you are not the only who has been where you are right now.