You Can Do Anything God is Calling You To Do

31961313_10155980621612702_5661472048153624576_oExodus 4: 10-12

But Moses said to the LORD, “Oh, my Lord, I am not eloquent, either in the past or since you have spoken to your servant, but I am slow of speech and of tongue.” Then the LORD said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the LORD? Now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall speak.”

On October 7, 2014 I created a page called Droplets To Ripples. I really believed in my heart that God was calling me to become a motivational speaker and author. The launch of this page was a way for me to let God know that I heard Him and I was going to be obedient to what He was asking me to do. I ask a couple of friends to join me and to include post when they could.

Life got busy. Friends came and went. Jobs changed and my church went through a break and so did I. SO I QUIT. Yep, you heard it from me. I am a pastors wife who quit, thats got to be worse than when you quit right??

Earlier this year, I felt the Spirit of The Lord nudge my heart to begin this journey again. Even though I had quit and pushed the thought deep in the back of my mind, God did not. Once again, to appease God, I moved from a page to a group and began to write devotionals again.

I thought if I would just write something on my page, a little more often than before, then God would be satisfied yet again. After all, I was going to write longer post and write more often. I made all kinds of excuses as to why this was ENOUGH. WELLLLLLLL……It wasn’t. Writing on a group page was NOT what He has ask me to do.

This weekend 20+ women attended an annual women’s retreat titled “Radiance”. The theme was surrounding Moses and how his face was radiant after seeing the back side of God when he went up to get the ten commandments. Well God showed up for me in ay own burning bush.Jennie Gray Scott, a Proverbs 31 speaker and author, was a guest speaker at our event. I shared with Jennie what I felt God had ask me to do and I immediately began to give her a few of my excuses why I could not do it. One by one Jennie, like God did to Moses, she told me how I could do everything God had called me to. She even told me that she would help me do it. By the way, I was not asking her to help me, I was telling her why I COULDN’T DO IT. I was hoping she would tell me how she understood and how I was right.

God has something for you to do. Stop making excuses and go for it. Don’t waste years like I did. My son has a new facebook page called Launch Pad Movement:
The purpose of the movement is help people like me and you reach our goals, our dreams and our destiny that God has called us to. He and his friend search out people who have done what you want to do. They host podcast and help you make connections to help you become successful at a faster pace.

You can do anything that God is calling you to do. I personally heard him LOUD AND CLEAR this weekend and I will not wait this time. So if you need a motivational speaker for your women’s group, small group or event, I would love to come speak and share the word of God with you. Pray for me as I begin my book and this new journey of fully surrendering to The Lord. Start your journey today ladies! I am starting mine! Thank you Jennie Gray Scott and thank you Lord for trusting and calling me to your service.


It is so funny how the mind works isn’t it? Today I woke up 30 minutes early so that I could work out before going to work. I have a WII Fit and a Zumba video, both of which are a good 30 minute workout. As a matter of fact I have been getting up 30 minutes early for the last month to work out to one of these great tools. The sad reality is that in the month that I have been getting up early I may have worked out a total of about 5 times. Each morning there comes a new excuse as to why I can’t work out. Todays excuse was that one of my dogs kept up all night, true story, and so I needed the extra sleep in order to be productive at work. Soooo, my 30 minute work out turned into a 30 minute nap. I convinced myself that this was the right thing to do and totally agreed with myself until later in the morning as I slid the 3rd or 4th pair of pants to the top of my thighs and then back on the hanger. Just as I edged out the door for work I promised myself to eat a good healthy lunch and then to walk 3 miles with a new walking group this evening. It seemed like the minute I walked into the office today my stomach began to roar. It was like it knew today was going to be a light lunch so it decided it better start protesting right away. I did eat a healthy lunch, tomato basil soup and hated every minute of it. As a matter of fact I searched my desk, purse and the entire office for a candy bar when finished. Thank goodness there are no mirrors I have to stand in front of during work and praise the Lord no reason to change my pants at work. The day is still young and I have not eaten that candy bar I longed and searched for and it is just 12:52 so I am planning on participating in the group walk this evening. Maybe I better go home and try on some pants just before its time to walk before my mind convinces me otherwise.