By Falling You Learn Not To Fall

Job 17:9 The righteous keep moving forward, and those with clean hands become stronger and stronger.


The Bible is filled with stories of people, just like you and me, that have struggled, stumbled, failed and simply just messed up. It’s an opportunity to see the power of God’s great mercy, forgiveness and grace.

We can not stop trying to……you fill in the blank.  If you fall, you learn how not to fall next time.  You change it up and try again.  Maybe you fall again but it takes longer to fall the second time.  Then you change it up again and try it again and you just keep on trying not matter how times you fall.

I think we live in a culture where parents do not allow their kids to fall.  Every one must get a trophy, parents are either over involved with their kids decision making or not involved at all.  Parents say they want to prevent their kids from making mistakes but that is how they learn.  Pain may come with a sin or mistake.  If we have pain then we try not to repeat the action that caused the pain.

Some of you may not agree with spanking but I can assure that it only took a few good spankings to teach me that I did not want those spankings anymore.  As an adult, I am thankful for the spankings.  Why? Because of them I now make better decisions.  I did not want to repeat the pain.  As I got older, I did not get spankings but I never forgot what they felt like and I continued to think hard about decisions that I would make.

Sometimes I failed my parents.  Sometimes I failed at reaching my goals.  Sometimes I failed myself.  There were times I failed as a parent and maybe even as a grand parent. (Probably not so much, LOL)  First time riding a bike, failed. The moral of the story is not about the failures themselves but with each failure I learned something and became better.

Keep trying, even if you fall.  Let your kids fall and be there for them when they do.  Fall so that you learn not to fall and NEVER EVER QUIT!!  Keep falling until you don’t fall  anymore!