Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed And Something Blue

Today’s Truth:  Ecclesiastes 3:1  There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens

From My Heart To Yours:

I bet when you read the title for today’s devotional you immediately thought that I was going to write about a wedding.  God is getting ready to take me on a new journey in my life and I knew that I wanted to share it with you to encourage you.  I thought of several titles and many scriptures that I could use but this morning when I awoke both of these came to my mind for this devotional.  God may be getting ready to do something amazing for you too and you are holding back because of fear.  Let me tell you that I am more afraid of not doing what God wants me to do than I am of doing it.

10 years ago I decided to retire early from a company that I had been with over 13 years, leave an industry I had worked in for over 17 years, and step down from an executive job making 6 figures.  I can assure you this was not an easy decision for me to make and I struggled for a long time before making it.  I knew for a long time that I should do this but just couldn’t make sense of it financially.  Through prayer and discussions with my husband we came to the conclusion that the time had come for me to retire and help him full-time in the new church he had been called to pastor.

That was almost 10 years ago and needless say I have been retired, semi-retired and out of retirement throughout that time.  Here I am again 10 years later struggling with what to do regarding my job.  SOMETHING OLD.  I feel that God is telling me it is time for me to retire AGAIN.  My husband and I just finished a financial class and decided that I would work until we were debt free.  We have been working on that for almost a year now and we still have a way go before reaching that goal.  Leaving a good job that pays in an economy that isn’t hiring doesn’t make sense anyway you look at it.  BUT I know this is the right “God” thing for me to do.

I have felt for a while now that God wanted me to be an encourager.  Lately I have gotten confirmation on two new area’s that I believe God is leading me into.  SOMETHING NEW.  I have never written a book, however in just the last 3 days I have written titles for 3 books and outlined the chapters of those books.  AMAZING I KNOW!  I also think I am being called to public speaking for women’s events/ministries to encourage women of all ages.  I do have the gift of gab, many who know me will testify to that, lots of experiences I can share and I love to motivate and encourage women with the Good new of Jesus Christ.

During this transitional time of my life I have talked to many Christian women at different stages of their spiritual maturity and been encouraged myself.  SOMETHING BORROWED.  So many women have shared with me how God has intervened in their life with a career change that changed their life.  Through their stories I have been motivated that I have made the right choice.  I am not afraid of the financial impacts, the new career path I am taking or the what if’s.  Their stories, their prayers for me and the scriptures they shared with me have just fueled the fire and have me counting the days until my new journey begins.

I will miss my co-workers, clients and employer where I currently work.  SOMETHING BLUE.  I will miss my daily routine, dressing up to go to work each day and having my office with people around me.  Everywhere I have worked throughout my life I have made friends, along with a few friendimies, that I have to leave behind with the job.  You always leave with the greatest of intentions of staying in touch and sometimes you do, but mostly you don’t.

As I look back into the rearview mirror I see a career that I thought I would stick with for many more years to come.  God has a different plan though.  All I know for sure is that my God GPS has my new destination mapped out.  No matter how far out I take the map I can’t see where it ends.  I have my car packed though and I am ready to go wherever he takes me.  I think I am in for an awesome ride with new adventures and new challenges that with him are all possible to achieve.

Is he calling you do something that sounds crazy?  Are you miserable where are now?  Maybe God has something in store for you and He is just waiting for you to trust Him and “JUST DO IT”.  As the old bible hymn says..Trust and Obey.  I encourage you to “Just Do It”, whatever it is.

Let’s Pray: 

Dear Lord, we know that you are in control of our lives.  Sometimes, we forget you have bigger and better plans than we could ever have planned for ourselves.  Help us to trust you, to obey you and “just do” whatever it is you are calling us to do.  In Jesus Name. AMEN.

Another Health Care Blog…

Today I was a bit distracted with all the negativity in the media regarding the new health care bill. I am very concerned about what this means to me personally but I also understand how some friends of mine are supporting it. I think America will stand on one side or the other and at this point I am not convinced that either of us are wrong. My husband and I do not have insurance. I work for a small firm that has a total of 4 employees including the owner and they have chosen not to offer insurance as an option to its employees. I knew that I when I took the job. My husband is a pastor for a small church that can not afford to pay for his insurance benefits so he does not have insurance. Thankfully we are both very healthy so not having insurance has not been an issue for us. My husband and I already pay so much into taxes and live on such a tight budget I wonder how we will budget for more taxes and insurance cost? I understand the need to insure everyone, however we will now HAVE to purchase insurance and I don’t know where the funds will come from to do that.

My parents are both retired with a lot of health problems and they receive Medicare and Medicaid that don’t cover their health cost now, how will they pay the bills when these funds are reduced? How will they afford more taxes to help pay for the new bill when they are already living from check to check.

On the other side I have a few friends who this plan will probably help and they are very excited about it. One has a baby who has had health issues since he was born and has already maxed out on his lifetime coverage. This plan will help him and his parents. Another friend of mine has wanted her husband to change jobs for the last two years but he couldn’t because her child had medical issues that would be considered pre-existing conditions and with the new bill this will allow him to change jobs.

I am concerned that this is going to be yet one more division of Americans and yes even Christians. I was always taught that you should never talk politics or religion at work, well I guess we need to add health care to that list.

Christians, don’t loose focus on Jesus no matter what side of the health care debate you stand on. We need to look for things that unify us not draw us apart. If you notice someone does not support your views on this issue than talk about how America needs Jesus. You may not can count on your congressman to vote your way but you can always count on Jesus. HE is the answer to all our issues.