The Chain Letter

Deuteronomy 18:10 There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer.

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The dreaded chain letter.  We all get them and we all know what they are. The oldest known example of chain letters comes from 1935—the “Prosperity Club” or “Send-a-Dime” letters. The recipients were to tape a dime to a dozen letters, including the sender of the original, and mail them. They would then supposedly receive a windfall of dimes in the mail as others followed suit.
The power behind chain letters is a superstitious fear that, if the chain is broken or the recipient does not obey its demands, something bad will happen. This superstition also promises supernatural blessing for obeying its instructions, as though God were selling cheap lottery tickets by mail or social media. Superstition is a form of witchcraft, as it attributes to inanimate objects or to the “Universe” a power and respect that belong to God alone (Micah 3:7; 5:12; Deuteronomy 18:10). Superstitious chain letters prey on the spiritually immature and uneducated. They also propagate a false view of God and His real blessings.
Today I received a chain letter that was darker than normal.  It started with “you are the most beautiful girl I know” then proceeded to tell me that “tomorrow two boys will say can I have you number.” Of course the next sentence told me that I needed to send this message to 15 other nice girls.  THEN CAME THE WHAT IF YOU DON’T send it threat, “I would have bad luck for a whole year.”  Now I thought it would be over after the threat, however it got worse.  Not only would I have bad luck for a year but the letter went on to say that if I broke the chain “I would see a little dead girl in my room tonight.”  What?!?!  I promise it said I would see a dead girl in my room.
Who in the world creates these chain letters?!?!?  And why do they write them?!?!?!  I guess I can understand “the attach a dime to a letter and mail it to me” letters but a dead girl in my room?  Come on people.  The worst part to me was that this letter was obviously going around to young girls.  I want you to know that the only thing we should really focus on are the promises of God, not some creepy chain letter threats.  God’s word is full of promises and they all come with obedience of what He ask us to do.  I promise he is not going to send you a chain letter as an action item.
Don’t worry about or participate in these crazy superstitious letters that come your way and for goodness sake, don’t forward them.  Talk to your kids about them and Christians stop sending them for goodness sake.  The next time you get one hit the delete button as soon as you see it and don’t dare forward it.

Waiting For The Mail

On Tuesday, my husband and I picked up our grandchildren, that live in our home town, to take them to dance and karate. As soon as I walked into the door my 4-year-old grandchild meet me to let me know that he had mailed me a letter. I was a little surprised because he nor I had ever sent mail to each other. After his big announcement he ran off to play. I confirmed with his mother that he had indeed put something into an envelope for me that she then addressed and put a stamp on it. She did not know what was inside the envelope but he had told her that he had written me a letter. I found myself getting a little excited wondering what he had decided was so important that had to be mailed to me. His mother had tried to convince him that he did not need to mail it because I would be there to pick him up on Tuesday, then he could just give it to me personally, but he would hear nothing of it. As a matter of fact once he put the letter in the mail box he kept a watch out for the mailman to be sure it was picked up for delivery. When his mother noticed that he was waiting she informed him that the mailman had already picked up the mail for that day and told him his letter would not go out until the following day. His mother said he was so distraught over the news that she loaded him and his baby sister into the car to track the mailman down in the neighborhood so he could mail his letter that day. Now I must admit that I was a little excited about this surprise letter. I could barely get it off my mind and found myself just as excited the next morning when I woke up. When I went home for lunch I kept watching for the mail to be delivered and really hoped that it would come before I had to go back to work. Lunch came and went too fast because no mail was delivered. On the way back to the office I scanned my neighborhood for the mailman. I spotted the mailman and ask my husband to stop her to get our mail. I know he thought I was crazy but he did as I ask. As he handed me the mail I quickly looked at the names on each envelope and there it was addressed to Mimi. Now I must tell you that the drawings on the back of the envelope was enough to make me cry but when I opened the envelop up, pulled out a picture of a colored rabbit with his words wishing me a happy Easter it was all I could do not cry a river. How silly, you may say?!? How wonderful I say. The really funny thing is that when I got the letter I made sure to call him to tell him how wonderful it was. Being 4, the letter was the past and he was happy I had gotten it but had no desire to spend any time talking about it. That was yesterday and he had things to talk about that happened today. Maybe he has the spiritual gift of encouragement or just maybe he just loves his Mimi. Either way, MY letter was wonderful. Thank you Nicholas for my letter and for inspiring me. I pray that you and I may add that much excitement to someone elses day today and everyday.