Stop Reacting

In the social media world of instantaneous opinion sharing, this can be tough. Resist the urge to lash out, and take a deep breath or two before you respond to something that might upset you.
Read it, take a breath, pray about it and sleep on it. If after doing those things if you still feel that you should respond to a social media post, ask yourself if your post is true, necessary and kind. If not….skip responding and move on. FYI. You are not required to respond to or acknowledge everything that you read on social media.
Ecclesiastes 3:7
stop reacting


Psalm 16:11 You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.
Blog 6-9
Have you ever been lost with someone who was stubborn and would not stop to get directions? I know this doesn’t happen as often as it used to due to all the map apps available on our phones today. If you are really young you may not have a clue what I am talking about when I say paper maps. There are many ways to get lost other than driving from one location to the other.
Maybe you have been lost on whether to stay at a job or to leave for another one. You could be lost on what to do in a current relationship, end it or keep going. There may be a large decision you need to make that could effect your family and you are lost on how to proceed. Just maybe, on a spiritual level you are lost as to what God wants you to do, where to attend church, whether to volunteer, go on a mission trip, lead a study or share Jesus with a friend or family member.
I have good news for you!! Psalm 16:11 tells us that we can stop and ask for directions. It is ok if we do, actually God loves it when we do. As a matter of fact, it is better for us.
In years past, when cell phones and apps were not readily available, you would have to read a paper map to get to a new location. It was easier to keep driving, even if you knew you were lost than to stop and ask someone for directions. It took time to stop, get out of the car, walk into a store, possibly wait in line to ask the attendant for clarity of how to get to where you were going and the embarrassment of appearing that you could not read a simple map. It is ironic that the time taken to drive around looking on your own, could have been saved simply by stopping and asking for help. You may have gotten there quicker had you stopped in the first place.
Whatever you are “LOST” about, turn to God today and ask for His help. As the scripture says, He will show you the way of LIFE. That means anything and everything you need, He will show you the way. You don’t have to go to bible study after bible study to read about your purpose. You don’t need a psychic to tell you what to do. There is no need to worry about it night and day. Stop right now and go to the Lord. Pray everyday until the Lord shows you the way. If you need help, post below your “LOST” and we will pray with you for God’s direction.

Take Hold of My Life



Today’s Truth

Romans 12:2  Don’t become like the people of this world. Instead, change the way you think. Then you will always be able to determine what God really wants—what is good, pleasing, and perfect.

From My Heart to Yours:

I just love the picture that I am using with today’s blog.  How cool would be if we were making the wrong decision or taking a path in the wrong direction if God just plucked us up, turned us around or stopped us from making a big mistake?  I kinda laugh out loud at  the thought of God’s hand coming out of heaven to STOP me right in my tracks.

When I was growing up I had very strict parents.   My parents were true Southerners in that we were taught respect of elders, manners, lying was bad on all levels, stealing would certainly get you in deep trouble and family was very important.  My parents were always clear what the rules or expectations were for us and the consequences for lack of obedience.  Having this knowledge in our back pocket it helped us to make decisions when choices came our way.

I grew up in a small town where my family had grown up for generations.  Being from a small town, where your parents, their parents and their parents parents, grew up it was very hard to make bad decisions. Why?  Because every body else who grew up in that small town for generations all had the same rules your parents had AND they knew your parents.  All the kids in the local community all kinda knew what we could and couldn’t do that was acceptable to our parents.

Before I had my license and a car, following the rules my parents had for us was pretty simple.  Our parents were always around and they were VERY involved in our free time.  We didn’t have too much of it.  But after I got my car, I kept thinking FREEDOM!!!  You know, “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty, I am free at last!!”  Well so I thought.  When the keys were placed in my hand for the first time, my Dad informed me that he taught me all those years what was right and what was wrong.  With the keys came the freedom to make my own choices.  Choices of right and wrong, truth or lie.  Choices that I would have to make on my own.  Choices that would come with consequences. My dad handed me keys and said “Now go make good choices.”

I wish I could tell you that after all this, every choice I made while out of sight of my parents were the perfect choices but they weren’t.  As a Christian I kinda have the same relationship with God that I had with my parents.  God lays out His expectations for us very clearly in his word, the Bible.  He even give us the consequences for choices we make, both good and bad.  We become teenager Christians and think we know everything and try to be like the rest of the world, forgetting what our Heavenly Father has taught us.

God isn’t going to reach his hand out to the sky and pluck us each time we are heading down the wrong path or making wrong decisions but he is going to be there for us.   He is going to love us.   He will guide us and help us to make the right decisions.  Read your bible and pray every day.  Turn to God for whats right and wrong and don’t use the standard of this world to make decisions but use God’s standards.  As I grew up, I learned very quickly that my parents had GREAT rules to live by and so does our Heavenly Father.  Rules aren’t meant to make us miserable but to keep us safe and sound.

Lets Pray:  Father we thank you for the love and correction that you give to help us become a better Christian.  We pray Lord as we grow, mature and our confidence becomes stronger that we use all that we have learned to make the right decisions for our lives.  We thank you that you will be there for us to love us through the bad decisions we may make and there to encourage us even more when make the right decisions.  In Jesus Name, Amen.